Select new era of LED industry profit

 If 2013 is the year of the most controversial LED , then the LED will be the 2014 battle of the year , the era of the need for change subversive thinking. 2013 , Foshan Lighting, NVC , Philips and other brands continue to launch a price war , and even some products fell 50% , resulting in LED lighting price volatility , lead to price competition into the industry , leading enterprises to accelerate LED product price spread plays important role and increase its share of the market, to expand its brand awareness. However, the price for the survival of many businesses will be an important test.
In fact , some brands rely on price advantage to survive, especially small and medium enterprises , the market thanks to the second and third tier markets , relying on the second and third tier markets to survive.

If all brands launch a price war , two, three channels to extend , then living environment for SMEs would have been severely squeezed. Usually, they are only two ways to deal with, either to follow up the price war , to compete with lower prices , or exit the competitive products , research and development of new products.

Bank loans to the association last year, the three companies , because it is worried about the future of these three companies , the end came to me to understand the situation specifically the three companies operate .

There has been a learning NVC enterprise business model , built channels in the country , the financial pressure is relatively large, the other companies have been studying Buddhism according to the business model in order to win the market and yield cost , while the third major foreign markets dominated domestic engineering based.

In fact, the three companies are at risk , there are also opportunities. As with NVC targeting the company, if there is sustained financial support , then do ring brand , profit space will become larger . The goal of the Buddha according to the company , it is better to do a direct OEM okay. The two legs to walk to the domestic market of the company, as long as stabilize some of the future development of the company or a bright one .

When product prices continue to decline, profit margins continue to decrease and labor costs , rental costs rising , how to create more profits ? What way? Companies are now faced with new choices , I think there are three methods you can choose :

First, choose to invest in robots. Now China has bid farewell to the era of the demographic dividend manufacturing enterprises should seize the initiative , beyond competitors to find a profit from the era of meager profit , investment robot direction .

If a station polished metal robot , you can polish the equivalent of 24 hours 15 skilled production work eight hours , although the price is not cheap, but will be able to recoup the cost of a year and a half , had Foshan Lighting is the introduction of Germany's most advanced production lines, greatly reduced costs , product quality and stability , making the Buddha shines on many competition, won the " China light King " title.

Second, electricity providers win strategy. Singles entrepreneurs gave a lesson on the subversive , Taobao single-day sales exceeded 35 billion it. There is a business , the store sold a 50% reduction business, make money , but not simply the age of 30 consumers into stores , but its online sales has doubled.

The third is to adopt a new business model. Business is to make a profit , almost all business owners must consider how to achieve a daily profit of problems, and simply relying on manufacturing profitable era has ended.

The future is very complex market system , win in business model , or that the link may not be seeing profits, see the link , it may be profitable point .

If 2013 is the year of the most controversial LED , then the LED will be the 2014 battle of the year , regardless of whether you are willing you will be dragged into the fight , when past experience can help companies grow , you need to changing needs of changing times subversive thinking !

Only companies survive and even good companies can live only continue to grow , continue to strengthen .


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