Samsung LED touch electricity supplier cultivating the Chinese market

Following Samsung Chau informed into strategic cooperation , but also with John source of lighting to establish a strategic partnership . Samsung LED recent moves frequently, fully demonstrates that multinational electronics giant wants to establish itself LED market intentions and ambitions.
       Meanwhile, as the international electronics giant Samsung , the achievements in the field of electronics has been no shake , with its strong technical strength and brand advantages, extend the industrial chain to continue to expand , the current Samsung LED business has become an important strategic areas one . Samsung LED technology and brand advantages in support, and quickly occupied the commanding heights of LED industry chain , one of several major international supplier of high-end chips and light became . First in the industry in the development of high-efficiency power PKG products, product performance improved by 7% , industry-leading LED lighting products, and is now in volume production, complete product line to meet all kinds of indoor and outdoor lighting and other terminal applications.

       In fact, in March 11, 2014 , Tang Guoqing , general manager of Samsung Electronics China visit Chau Ming Technology Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City headquarters , the two sides launched a high-level discussion on strategic cooperation conference . Through the depth of both high-level strategic cooperation with Samsung Electronics Chau Ming Technology is about to enter the stage to promote substantive cooperation , mainly in the field of LED lighting business to start . April 10 , Samsung and John source of lighting to establish strategic partnerships with multinational electronics giant roots can be described as strategic intentions clear LED market .

       It is understood that John illumination source is a trump card in the field of electricity providers , John spent five years only source , on the growth of light " electricity supplier first brand " for three consecutive years Lynx Mall source categories and sales of LED lighting . " Champions ' popularity soared , becoming the star brand electric business platform. With continued momentum Lynx flagship store outbreak , John source brand in the major electricity suppliers are beginning to expose edge platforms , including Jingdong , Amazon, Suning Tesco , One shop , the only product like. So the pace of growth , not rely on luck momentary outbreak , but the product quality and service assurance , only to precipitate out the brand's reputation and influence .

       In addition , Chau Ming Technology on September 11 last year, announced that the company signed with the Shanghai Han source " Source Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Han equity transfer and capital increase agreement Lighting Project " ( hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement" ) . The company's own cash 4,840,000 pairs Lohan capital sources , obtained 20.59% of the equity capital increase is completed John source , thus Han Ming Chau source of lighting to achieve some holding. While the two sides will cooperate in various strategic depth technical research and development , production , marketing , branding , etc., to jointly develop the LED lighting market.

       Samsung said that the strategic partnership with John sources to enhance the depth of cooperation , the use of their complementary advantages, and constantly improve the industry chain , so as to achieve the purpose of expanding the global LED lighting market . Both sides will be of mutual benefit and common development , giving each including but not limited to technology research and development , production , marketing, brand promotion in one of the greatest degree of support.

       Samsung also promised to open up the market , the source of the strong support given to John in technology, price, quality, delivery, credit and other aspects . John source also will use its full flowering of the electricity supplier channels, the Samsung LED quickly extended to the field of mass consumption , so that the Samsung LED down the cloud , the end consumer is more familiar to complete the field of consumer brands reach the "last mile " , enabling both sides to win.

       Industry insiders say the Samsung LED business to join Unilumin expand cooperation, which also want to give full play to their respective advantages and fully open the LED lighting market. In addition , Samsung hit the United Lohan source lighting electricity providers also want to sell their products through John source electronic business platform , Samsung LED products for the market to establish a fast track promotion solve the brand to reach the "last mile" problem of consumption .

       In addition , the Samsung LED series of came together Chau Ming , Han source message , it moves frequently just want to make full use of their advantages quickly sell its LED products , expand its LED business, which also shows its commitment to cultivating Chinese LED market is not small . Its LED business for future growth , the industry also have expressed very promising.


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