LED lights in the heat of the key qualities ?

LED strip light are stable , the quality is good or bad with the heat lamp itself is important , the heat current high-brightness LED lights on the market , often using natural cooling , the effect is not ideal. Heat do not satisfactory, the life of the lamp itself is also affected.
Industry on the application of heat the material, not only concerned with the heat factor , while ignoring the thermal resistance . If you only see a certain cooling patch, thermal grease , thermal coefficient of thermal or thermal film of paint well , they think you can put out a high thermal conductivity , may be disappointed. Thus the expected temperature drop , LED epitaxial not overheat the light fades , street life can be effectively extended the smooth clearance of the case acceptance , may not occur.
Tin from the base line etching , coating LED backlight ink, on the protection of film into the oven baking , leveling the entire board , paste thermal film, then glue or adhesive locks the cooling modules are combined in such a tedious process can be found : the material has better thermal conductivity , thermal resistance will be defeated . Air , no adhesion junction pores , heat pads, powder Grease volatile silicone oil after the formation of the film thickness of the multilayer thermal conductivity , will form a thermal impedance. These multi -level thermal heat conduction velocity would hinder heat conduction is very slow, or even less lighting surface conduction into the heat accumulating increases. White backlight ink aluminum plate surface can reflect not only , but also can lower the heat is dissipated through the backlight ink surface.
Some manufacturers are not observed , in general white text ink replacement flexible led strip backlight dedicated ink, plus the equivalent of a hard layer of paint , the heat seal . After many failures , there are vendors to accept new ideas and processes , focusing on overall cooling solution . Aluminum plate -type heat switch for LED white backlight ink coating, if you specify the use of micro -backlit yellow ink , will increase to 91% reflectivity . Soft ceramic thermal spray paint between the copper substrate and the aluminum plate, can reduce the amount of Japanese thermal film , and at very low cost to improve the resistance to breakdown voltage.
To protect the environment from climate lamps erosion, the effective heat conduction out , save money and effective method is flexible ceramic thermal spray paint . Only starting from the concept of the overall heat , reduce the thermal resistance of interference , is the key to led tape through large-scale acceptance . Lighting should abandon the traditional protective shell plating or paint , both construction methods will heat seal back into the fixture .

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