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led bulb manufacturing process includes the following processes: stick lamp beads, lamp beads welding, wear welding current source, test, plus thermal grease and fixed aluminum plates, plastic parts fitted cuffs, fitted cuffs, lampshades and loaded aging aircraft, pressure cuffs and packaging, product testing received ten steps. 
Posted lamp beads. 1, the amount of thermal grease to be able to cover the heat lamp bead prevail; 2, note polarity paste lamp beads, do not stick anti; 3, when pressed paste lamp beads lamp beads, lamp beads with the aluminum plate heat good contact; 4, the operator must wear a wrist strap. 
Welding lamp beads. 1, Smooth Weld joints phenomenon. 2, the iron must be grounded. 3, the operator must wear a wrist strap. 
Wear a welding current source. 1, the polarity is correct, smooth solder joints without Weld; 2, soldering iron must be well grounded; 3, the operator must wear a wrist strap. 
Testing. Test items include: current, power, power factor. 
Plus thermal grease and fixed aluminum plate. 1, playing thermal grease to evenly. 2, there is no fixed aluminum plate to place flowers Rose hit phenomenon. 
Fitted cuffs plastic parts. 1, when the constant current source can not be placed inside plastic cuffs can be a constant current source as for the light crust, but between the current source and the shell to use the Green Paper shell isolated to prevent short circuits; 2, Luo mouth plastic parts Luo teeth should be coated with glue and then the amount of smt-168 and the lamp housing and tighten. 
Fitted cuffs. 1, with the contact portion of the tooth Luo Luo lead length with teeth as long and galvanized 1/3 on the tight cuffs; 2, Rodin and Rodin contact portions of equal length and galvanized pressed. 
Mounted shade and aging aircraft. 1, according to the input voltage requirements of powered two hours into the next step without exception; 2, according to the input voltage requirements energized two hours abnormal maintenance treatment. 
Pressure cuffs and packaging. 1, Luo mouth clean with alcohol after compaction can play package labeling. 
Product testing day. 1, sampling Quantity: Production <10PCS full inspection: <50PCS sampling of 50%;> 50PCS sampling of 25%; 2, sampling results found: electrical performance 100% pass rate, pass rate of 80% appearance; 3, judged qualified marked "qualified "seal warehousing; judgment failed to notify the production department return until sampling qualified so far.
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