Jing Pei Electronics: mercury slip ring

Development history slip rings can be seen, more and more mature technology products , technology updates faster and faster, practicality and effectiveness of the product is also growing stronger product ! Applications and prospects brush slip ring is also very large.

Mercury slip rings simply put, is to mercury as a conductive rotary joint fluid medium , is an industrial parts, with the biggest difference is that it is a traditional slip ring brushes mainly in liquid silver conductive medium , the fixed end integrated together with the rotation -side rotation is not required when the conductive brush to transfer , directly to the conductive transfer mercury .

Mercury Slip Ring Applications

Conductive properties of mercury is very strong , so the traditional fields of application slip ring slip ring can be replaced by mercury , but because production costs are relatively high mercury slip ring , recommendations applied to sophisticated , high-end equipment.

Industrial machinery - machining centers, rotary table , lifting equipment towers, reel , testing equipment, packaging machinery, etc.

Magnetic actuators, process control equipment , rotary sensors, emergency lighting , robotics , radar and other

Manufacturing and control equipment, exhibition / display equipment, medical equipment, etc.

Shenzhen Jing Pei Electronics Co., Ltd. is a company focused on the development , production and sales of industrial series slip ring technology-based companies . The company has developed a team of several manufacturers who work in a multinational and domestic well-known institute had experienced engineers dedicated to the development and production of various types of high -quality industrial slip ring , is provided in all areas of automation and control high reliability components to optimize system design , long-term well-known domestic manufacturers to provide products and services. Because in all aspects of design, manufacture, testing, strict management , coupled with sophisticated imported equipment and high-tech processes to do to ensure that our product performance and the index is always at the forefront of similar products.

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