Introduction Analysis of slip rings

JINPAT Electronics is a leading manufacturer in industrial slip rings. We commit ourselves to the development, designing and manufacturing of different types of high quality slip rings for a vast variety of applications. We provide standard products as well as customized products according to your needs. We have also collaborated with Consortium of Industry including Military Industry and Universities in China.

The so-called slip ring , is responsible for the rotator connectivity , energy and transport electrical components of the signal. According to the transmission medium to differentiate , into slip ring slip ring , slip ring fluid , smooth ring . Also referred to as the popular "spin connectivity " or " spin pass ." Slip ring is usually installed in the center of rotation of equipment, mainly by both rotating and stationary parts. Rotating structure and the rotating part of the connection device along the rotational movement , called " rotor" , the energy of the fixed structure connected to a stationary part of the device , is called " the stator ." Overall rely on elastic slip rings lap principle , the principle of the rolling lap , or sealing principle , structure and movement as well as clever sealing structure design, precision parts production with a reasonable selection , which form a stable and reliable connectivity rotation system . As long as the slip ring attached to the endless rotary device can provide power to the rotary body energy , while the rotating body unlimited rotational movement , but also for other sports , or detection of the rotation state of the operating conditions .

Slip ring , the slip ring used in all series of the most widely used, also known as brush , brushes , slip rings , the slip rings , slip-ring , through rotation , rotating electrical joints, designed to limit the rotation of the continuous transmission power supply , signal power . Stator and rotor portions are connected to lead wires of electrical power to the terminal and the fixed structure of the rotating structure , and for rotation therewith .

One , depending on its overall structure and design , slip ring can be divided into the following categories:

through bore slip rings , slip ring cap , separate slip ring , disc slip rings, fiber optic slip ring, slip ring wind power , high-speed and high-frequency slip ring and so on.

Second, the slip ring applications is extremely broad , specific industry can be divided into :

Security, medical equipment , aerospace , marine facilities , radar antennas, wind power, robotics, video surveillance, engineering machinery , manufacturing and process control systems.

Third, the main features of the slip ring advantages:

1 . Easy installation, small size, light weight , compact
2 integrated transmission of complex signals ( HF / fiber / video / high-speed data )
3 high slip ring stability & long working life
4 Gold - Golden contacts, low contact resistance
5 Easy plug design -Harting connector
6 According to the different needs of users who can be specially tailored and designed

Fourth, the selection of the specific parameters of the slip ring to be provided:

1 Number of channels
2 Working speed
3 Working temperature and humidity
4 power circuit ( maximum current and voltage required )
5. Signals
6 Protection level ( some users who use harsh environments , have special needs in this regard )

Fifth, the selection of slip ring of common sense :

1 Brand Myth : Many times we think of domestic products is not practical , or even can not be used ; this crystal Pei successfully developed and strictly control product quality make this brand misunderstanding slowly fade, Jing Pei has become a first-line brand , which the company has also been recognized by international peers .

(2) Accuracy Myth : Everyone in the choice of products , always thought that accuracy is the most important ; fact, from a certain perspective : Stability is more important than the precision, accuracy of choice should be based on the high stability .

(3) the pursuit of cost : inexpensive is everyone want to pursue ; But in fact, high -quality products destined determines its price will be relatively high . There exist a number of factors , such as: high raw material costs , machine costs , tooling costs , material and manpower requirements .

4 Select the appropriate range , appropriate accuracy, proper installation, proper output.

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