Intelligent lighting: LED lighting next battleground

With the rapid growth of the national economy, China's energy supply and demand have become increasingly prominent, there is a serious power supply shortage began situation, energy is an urgent problem. In the energy shortage situation, as the lighting electricity consumption has become one big social focus, lighting accounts for about 10% of the electricity generating capacity. 
       Status led strip light: Excessive lighting, control inconvenience 
Emergence of LED lighting products, in large part to ease the power shortage and high energy consumption problem. With LED lights, LED tunnel lights, LED fluorescent 

For example, compared to traditional high pressure sodium lamps, halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps and other lighting products, low power consumption, long life, fast response, good driving performance, energy efficient, environmental protection and other advantages. LED lighting is certainly a revolutionary alternative to traditional lighting, however, rely solely on their own energy-saving lighting products and energy waste can not solve the problem. 
It can be said, LED lighting, energy-saving, but not smart. In the lighting industry, smart is more important than energy-efficient lighting fixtures are not the biggest energy itself, but excessive lighting. In addition to increasing energy burden of excessive lighting, but also produce light pollution, changing light environment impact on people's daily lives. Thus, LED lighting is not the most critical what kind of LED light source 

, But to solve the problem of excessive lighting. Solve excessive lighting, intelligent very important. The intelligent control is mainly reflected in the existing lighting control is relatively backward, basically manual control or timing control. Wireless intelligent lighting control system Shun Zhou self-developed technology will change this situation. 

Best LED lighting change: energy conservation, environmental protection 

"Energy saving" five "plan" clearly, to green lighting energy-saving projects, contract energy management projects, such as the promotion of energy conservation as a key project. On the one hand, the phasing out of incandescent lamps for general lighting and other inefficient lighting products. On the other hand, the positive development of energy-saving led tape industry. Accelerate the transformation of urban road lighting systems, control excessive decoration and lighting. The contract energy management can reduce the financial pressure on energy-saving, can guide the development of energy service companies to strengthen the technical and service innovation, brand building and personnel training, improve the financing capacity, continuing to explore and improve the business model. 

"" Five "Green Lighting Plan City" is made to promote urban lighting information platform construction, promote efficient lighting products to accelerate energy-saving urban lighting, urban lighting and actively carry out new products, new technologies and new methods of pilot demonstration. 

The "Internet of Things" five "development plan" and 193 smart city pilot announced the list, to speed up the development of intelligent lighting. In LED lighting, based on the things you can use technology to achieve intelligent control, power smart city construction. 

"Semiconductor Lighting Technology Development" five "special plan" expect to 2015, the mainland's semiconductor lighting industry scale reached 500 billion yuan to build 50 "Ten thousand ten cities" pilot demonstration cities. 
"Twelve Five" plan, energy saving, green lighting, networking, smart city, city of ten thousand are regarded as development priorities. Release of these policies are promoting the development of LED lighting market and guide to intelligent LED lighting for LED intelligent lighting 

Realization laid a strong foundation for the development. 

Breakthrough LED lighting: on-demand lighting, intelligent management 
Demand lighting, intelligent management is the core function of intelligent lighting, intelligent lighting and inseparable networking technology to develop and mature. The current mainstream technology into wireless ZigBee, cable 485 and power line carrier PLC, which cable wiring trouble, power line carrier vulnerable to interference, wireless intelligent lighting is the best choice. 

Wireless smart lighting means, based on ZigBee, GPRS, WSN and other advanced wireless networking technology, the use of a uniform B / S software monitoring platform, combined with GIS geographic information system, without changing the source, without increasing the routing case, you can remotely LED lights, high pressure sodium lamp, solar street lamps, such as single switch, dimming, detection, alarm and control loop to achieve energy-saving street lighting, networking and intelligent. 
Shun Zhou technology uses wireless intelligent lighting control systems, LED lamps can 

Second, based on their energy-saving of about 25%, and can extend lamp life, improving lighting rate, reduce labor and maintenance costs, but also to directly or indirectly improve the social, economic and environmental effectiveness. Each luminaire is installed on a single lamp wireless controller, the control device can be achieved on a single lamp remote lights, turn off the lights, dimming, lighting can read current, voltage, power, temperature and other data, and through focus Manager uploaded to the cloud platform for statistical analysis, once found fault, it will alarm. Fewer people in the rest of the night came from the car, through every lamp is lit, adjust the brightness and other ways to achieve energy can also customize the whole night light mode, night light mode, mode and other personalized holiday lighting mode. The system also can automatically determine the time of sunrise and sunset throughout the year based on latitude and longitude, and thus reasonably light switch, to avoid open as early as late clearance and other waste of electricity phenomenon. The system also has the scalability and openness, support for access to sensors, meters and other equipment, but also with the smart city cloud platform seamlessly. 

Service capabilities as a leader in the field of wireless smart lighting, after nearly 10 years of sedimentation and development, Shun Zhou ZigBee technology with the core technical capabilities, hardware and software design capabilities and express response, almost all major domestic and foreign manufacturers of  flexible led strip energy service providers, system integrators, municipal management units have extensive business cooperation and exchanges....

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