Design of conductive silicon film cooling LED application


1, the LED chip package thermal design;

2, the LED light source is fixed on the light source cavity radiator location;

Thermal design of 3, LED lamp driver;

Heat 4, LED lamps; etc.), these thermal design is indispensable, if one of these problems is often the lighting design of products fail.

To solve the problems of heat conduction and heat radiation LED

Chip problem

In practical applications, due to the increase in thermal resistance of power but will cause package anti rapidly to below 10K/W, therefore the overseas industry had developed high temperature resistant white LED attempts to improve the above problems by this method, but the quantity of heat in high power LED than the low power LED high more than ten times, and the temperature will make the luminous efficiency greatly down, even if the packaging technology allows high calories, but an LED chip temperature is likely to exceed the allowable value, in this case, solve the problem of heat dissipation package is the fundamental method.

Application of thermal conductive silicone film solution

High power LED lamp to heat?

Answer: at present, the most commonly used method is to use the most simple thermal silica films to heat generated by the LED light source to the radiator, the radiator area of heat radiation and air cooling

Heat lamps

To overcome the single LED heat, is not equal to solve the heat lighting lamps and lanterns, with large power, large size, high brightness chip, LED device and the heat lamps must be solved. High power LED lamp adopts heat conductive silicone film thermal conductivity, heat radiation and natural air cooling way. According to the temperature of HATIZ theorem of LED LED is 25 ℃, the service life is 100000 hours, 25-50 ℃, the service life is 50000 hours, 50-75 ℃, the service life is 20000 hours, 75-100 C, the service life is 10000 hours, 100-125 ℃, the service life is 5000 hours, 125-150 ℃, the service life is 2000 hours


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