5630 SMD 5730 SMD LED lamp beads and beads What is the difference?

  Different points:
A, called the 5730 domestic, foreign called 5630;
              B, pin is not the same, 5730 is two feet, four feet 5630
A, 5630 was first produced in foreign countries, namely South Korea's Samsung brand, and later in China also appeared the same product that is 5730, in order to form a gap, as well as to non-infringement, only the width increases 0.1MM, pin designed to feet, named as 5730.
B, welded aluminum plate are shared by the entire 5630 two pins attached to the side of the pad, soldering together with 5730 while a foot attached to the pad there is no difference, you can light up. Designed by the legs legs, but also be cost savings on.

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