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Select new era of LED industry profit

 If 2013 is the year of the most controversial LED , then the LED will be the 2014 battle of the year , the era of the need for change subversive thinking. 2013 , Foshan Lighting, NVC , Philips and other brands continue to launch a price war , and even some products fell 50% , resulting in LED light…

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Use LED badges

How to turn on / off LED badge
First, make sure the battery LED badge still has power, the switch shown in the figure placed in the " open " state, the program is pre-entered information will be displayed when the switch is in the "off" state, or when the battery is exhausted , the display is automat…

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Outdoor Lighting Trends: emphasis on light efficiency and light design

With LED technology and efficiency rising, compared to the conventional LED lamp manufacturers with most emphasis on heat dissipation reliability . In this exhibition , LED lamp manufacturers more focused on the concept of sustainable development , and therefore benefit from the replacement of the L…

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Britain to build the world 's largest indoor LED Lantern

The total cost of three million pounds ( about 30.63 million yuan ) indoor lantern (Illuminasia) in April this year, the arena ( an area of about 4180 square meters ) in the United Kingdom Blackpool's Winter Gardens Olympia show for the world , but also the scenic New a major feature of interest , i…

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Cottage LED lighting business transformation and how to survive ?

It is reported that , in 2012 the Chinese government through a series of policy measures to stimulate domestic demand, led strip light , LED general lighting market driven by China starts forecast to 2015 , China LED general lighting demand will reach 10 billion U.S. dollars, as the economy contin…

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LED lights in the heat of the key qualities ?

LED strip light are stable , the quality is good or bad with the heat lamp itself is important , the heat current high-brightness LED lights on the market , often using natural cooling , the effect is not ideal. Heat do not satisfactory, the life of the lamp itself is also affected.
Industry on the…

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How to control and improve the quality of LED full color display

Full-color LED display screen directly associated with the user , the audience , in order to get the perfect experience , the need to control and improve the quality of LED display. So, how to control and improve the quality of LED full color display ? Reflect what a dedicated LED full color LED dis…

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Seoul Semiconductor's 2013 sales to reach $ 1 billion

Seoul Semiconductor Since its establishment in 1987 , with the continuous development of innovative technologies , IT and related LED lighting fast sales growth , which is the biggest driving force to reach $ 1 billion in sales .

The world's leading LED manufacturers - Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd., …

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Swallowed magnets on children with fatal risk

"Daily" May 18th health news, a new study shows, the need for operation and other traumatic operation are powerful magnets children swallowing, in order to remove the magnet object.

Swallowing events need operation

Researchers from the Louisiana State University in New Orleans found American, mo…

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Permanent process of development problems faced and suggestions for development

Permanent magnets is that we are more familiar with a product , the application of the product is extremely broad , and it is used for the production of cars and equipment which it throughout all areas of people's lives, acts as an important role. Although the development of the permanent magnet is …

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The more broad high-strength magnetic compared with ndfeb magnet

Compared with the high magnetic NdFeB magnets, magnetic better suited to work in high temperature environments. With the development of society, more and more high- magnetic applications range from high-tech products to the most simple packaging magnetic , currently the most widely used is NdFeB mag…

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NdFeB rare earth industry continued weakness in the markets affected

China 's rare earth products are mainly used in the traditional areas of rare earth permanent magnet materials, luminescent materials , catalytic materials, hydrogen storage alloys and rare earth polishing powder field of new materials and metallurgical machinery , petrochemical , glass, ceramics , …

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2014 machinery industry is expected to continue steady growth

January of this year to 11 months, the machinery industry to achieve a slow recovery , moderate growth and steady development . According to the China Machinery Industry Federation expects 2013 operating speed mechanical industrial economy will be higher than in 2012 . Among them, 12% higher than ex…

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Jing Pei Electronics: mercury slip ring

Development history slip rings can be seen, more and more mature technology products , technology updates faster and faster, practicality and effectiveness of the product is also growing stronger product ! Applications and prospects brush slip ring is also very large.

Mercury slip rings simply put, i…

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Cavotec slip ring for ABB orders

Cavotec Group has received for the ABB advanced podded ship propulsion system offers 20 compact ship propulsion slip rings (MPS) device orders.

According to the order requirements, Cavotec will provide ship propulsion to ABB in 2013 at the start of the second quarter of slip ring device. And azimuth

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Introduction Analysis of slip rings

JINPAT Electronics is a leading manufacturer in industrial slip rings. We commit ourselves to the development, designing and manufacturing of different types of high quality slip rings for a vast variety of applications. We provide standard products as well as customized products according to your n…

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Jing Pei slip ring service life of up to international standards

Today, the domestic industry, the slip ring field , grain production slip ring Pei quality and life are in the leading position, but Division I is an extremely innovative and pioneering spirit of the High-Tech Enterprise , never satisfied with the existing state and stop forward . Here, in order to …

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Winter is not cold part of the field of construction machine

Has been in the market downturn of the construction machinery industry boomed again in the afternoon , which ushered in a situation of rising share the good news , which Zoomlion , XCMG , Liugong, Sany corporate giants such as led , it seems clear to temperatures in fact, getting low in the winter a…

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Construction Machinery pick up significantly next year or until the outbreak of the signal

Between winter months , gradually cold weather covering everything works continue possibilities. Most projects have been suspended, until the next spring when the outbreak . But eighteen convening of the Third Plenary Session , as well as downstream investment growth again raised the industry's conf…

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Discussion : Disc slip ring structure and characteristics

Disc slip ring is an acceptable combined loads , especially large and extra large tectonic slip ring , the request has a compact structure , rotary sensitive devices and easy maintenance .
Compared with the ordinary slip ring , slip ring disc important way to identify a structure : Four- point contac…

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