Winter is not cold part of the field of construction machine

Has been in the market downturn of the construction machinery industry boomed again in the afternoon , which ushered in a situation of rising share the good news , which Zoomlion , XCMG , Liugong, Sany corporate giants such as led , it seems clear to temperatures in fact, getting low in the winter and did not imagine so " cold ."

With economic growth stabilizing , logistics and transportation sector will subsequently stabilized , accompanied by large-scale development of the logistics industry and remediation of unauthorized charges and rural logistics tractor market is expected to gradually bottom out . Country steady growth rebound in investment growth may prompt tone , which could stimulate demand for heavy truck engineering . The company also said the acceleration of urbanization , protection of housing construction , water conservancy construction , the western economic growth accelerated to encourage private capital to enter the field of investment and construction projects intensified people's livelihood and other factors will drive the demand for heavy truck engineering .

In fact , construction machinery , "winter is not cold ," and some areas have been exposed not only the dawn of a message and have experience Weichai an enterprise , a pair of 67 engineering machinery enterprises questionnaire asked a question - whether the industry in five years bottomed out , back on track ? survey results , there are 43 companies agrees , including 24 foreign-funded enterprises , promising ratio close to 2/3. Description enterprises in the industry on the whole construction machinery industry is still very optimistic about the stock market , of course, some people lamented Quotes bad , had to change business ideas , which also corroborated in the construction machinery industry low development today , is a great business Lianhaoneigong time.

Although the market has been warmer , industry professionals of the industry is full of confidence, but also had to face the common challenges the industry - excess capacity, it is the consequences of the market downturn , brief neck pain but also overload the development of the industry . Construction machinery industry is still in the traditional manufacturing-based , the overall global overcapacity . Fell to China , when double-digit economic growth below , there will be excess capacity. Because of overcapacity , I believe that in the next period of time, even if large-scale projects such as horse urbanization , construction machinery industry will be in the " digestion capacity " road tired.

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