Use LED badges

How to turn on / off LED badge
First, make sure the battery LED badge still has power, the switch shown in the figure placed in the " open " state, the program is pre-entered information will be displayed when the switch is in the "off" state, or when the battery is exhausted , the display is automatically turned off.
How to use your LED badge
LED badge behind a pendant, can wear collars, hung around the neck , can also be hung in eight articles ( clothes ) surface.
LED Haopai widely used: railway stations, docks, airports , shopping malls, hospitals, hotels , banks , securities markets, construction market , auction houses, upscale restaurants , cafes, restaurants, bars , cafes , KTV, patisserie, ice cream shop , foot massage , beauty , fitness and entertainment , nightclubs , clubs , bowling alleys , hotels, supermarket chains, shopping malls, upscale community , reception, Internet cafes, tourist attractions , public places , concerts, tournaments, exhibitions , supermarkets and electronic digital city business people wearing or decorations , use will have a very good advertising effect , LED products are energy saving , environmentally friendly , colorful , is to improve the quality of corporate and business customers and to attract the best choice . Product is stable, reliable, and well received by users .

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