USB3.0 Transmission Speed Is USB2.0 Ten Times

                                  UNITEK USB 3.0 Expresscard Superspeed Card 2 Port
This USB 3.0 Expresscard is designed for your laptop's expresscard slot, the small thin slot that's probably on the left or right side of your laptop and is found on most laptops these days. This expresscard is of the 34mm variety, and will fit into virtually any expresscard slot.

After an external hard drive backup and file transfer no longer hard waiting, the new standard USB3.0 hard drive has asked the city, the size of the file transfer 25GB takes only 70 seconds. USB3.0 standard 3.5-inch hard drive, the transmission speed is 10 times USB2.0, USB2.0 same 25GB file transfer speed in the 14 minutes it takes years, and USB3.0 as long as one minute and 10 Seconds.

USB2.0 specification has been put on the market 8 years, and the next generation of USB3.0 interface transfer speed per second 4.8Gb, 10 times the current USB2.0. With the chip, and related product support around a few have been in place last year USB3.0 goods will start to appear.

Most people use the current standard USB2.0 transfer speed, general instruments in the transmission file is also sufficient, and the emergence of high-speed USB3.0 standard, it is faster to transfer multimedia files, video files or high-definition , Which for digital video recorders and other equipment to support the USB3.0 standard, the file transfer can be more efficient. There are even companies that, USB3.0 standard also enables the extension of current product applications stick to the household electrical appliances.
However, there are still only on computers with USB2.0 standard, the user must first purchase a standard USB3.0 controller card to connect to the associated equipment, the current control of a USB3.0 card price at about $ 38 to 45 Dollars, but also because the computer USB3.0 host side has not been widely supported standard, so such a fast transfer rate of spread of goods to take some time.
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