U.S. consumers increased acceptance for LED

June 1 - 5, 2014 American International Lighting Fair LIGHTFAIR International (LFI) , held at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This year's show attracted more international lighting brands exhibitors, in addition cree, Hubbell and other big-name outside the United States , there are some well-known brands such as TCL, BYD and so on. The first day of the exhibition will be packed and very lively.
People-oriented lighting design
On the Lighting Fair , LED Exhibition on creative design , application more people- oriented. Osram it through this exhibition , showing some of the advanced lighting research and application. Include : how to apply at Children's Hospital in lighting, more relaxed sick children in the ward , to reduce children's perception of pain ; at the hotel and home lighting applications, their study concluded that lower color temperature 2400K light environment , people can reduce stress , thereby improving the quality of sleep ; in the workplace , application-specific lighting , allowing employees to work more focused .
In addition to showcasing the latest products and advanced LED lighting applications, the show can still see some of the professional lighting and home construction-related areas : such as outdoor lighting control systems and intelligent lighting solutions ; intelligent engineering applications of the city, such as smart parking lighting applications. This shows that the United States and home lighting is LED , architectural , decorative closely linked .
Great American LED market potential
LED lighting is one of the world's most popular industries of each country competing vendors into the LED field , huge market potential. TCL domestic brands have entered the U.S. market two years , annual sales have shown a rising trend.
At the show, U.S. customers mentioned that the United States enacted the ban traditional incandescent production and use regulations and policies , while U.S. consumers increased acceptance of LED , the rapid increase in demand for LED lighting , LED market potential in the U.S. enormous .
These customers are very willing to cooperate with Chinese enterprises, through joint product development , joint brand in the U.S. and other ways to participate in the exhibition , co-development of the U.S. market.
European countries focus on brand protection
In addition to the American International Lighting Fair , in April this year, I also participated in Germany at Frankfurt Lighting Fair . Taking these two exhibitors found that European markets have in common is great emphasis on the protection of intellectual property products , and to maintain a sound legal . And every year , Chinese companies have been punished because of infringement of intellectual property rights .
Therefore, the Chinese businessmen before entering the European market, to fully understand the difference between the local business culture, law , etc., while increasing product design and development, in addition to have their own intellectual property protection methods , we must also respect other people's knowledge property rights , in order to compete or cooperate with European and American brands success .

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