The thunderstorm weather LED display how to prevent lightning?


The present national entered the summer, summer thunderstorm weather, the weather is also on the LED screen test, electronic components in the LED display high degree of integration, the jamming sensitivity is also more and more high, lightning can through various means harm display, such as hit, lightning current passes will cause the machine, electricity, thermal destruction, causing serious damage to the LED display. And even lead to fire.

Therefore, lightning protection for LED display screen is essential. Below small make up finishing the lightning protection measures for LED display screen, for reference.

Schematic diagram of LED display screen lightning ways

LED display of Lei Cuoshi:

1, the lightning protection, in the LED display (outdoor) arrester installation support structure, LED displays have tall buildings, indoor LED display screen or a side, can not consider the installation of lightning rod.

2, the steel structure of the counter, the rigid structure and; ED display screen is connected with the shell, completes the equipotential, and do a good job of grounding, grounding resistance less than 10 ohm resistance General requirements, if not up to the requirements, to do artificial grounding additional. Lightning protection device should also be grounded.

3, according to the power line induction lightning current, single-phase or three-phase power supply lightning protection devices installed in the power supply line. The phase of the link line cross-sectional area not less than 10mm square, connecting wire cross-sectional area of not less than 16mm square.

4, in view of the lightning current signal line induction, a signal lightning arrester on the signal line. Signal lightning arrester is set according to the signal interface system, if the cable is installed lightning protection network signals, serial interface DB9 interface is installed lightning protection device etc.. Connect the wire cross-sectional area not less than 1.5mm square.

LED lightning protection system of screen map

Finally, the harsh conditions of rational use of LED display screen and puts forward some suggestions:

First of all, firm to periodically check the hanging position, such as loose, pay attention to timely adjust, re consolidation or re erection.

Secondly, according to the environmental conditions of the LED display screen, to avoid bites, when necessary to place a rodenticide.

Thirdly, install LED display should avoid direct ultraviolet, avoid long time sunshine.

Finally, grounded outlet must be installed correctly, to avoid zero, wire transfer error. If the regular power outages, please carefully check the power supply.

LED display because of its advantages through the communication function by the majority of businesses use, small make up remind businesses, thunderstorm high period, please use LED display, avoiding fire is the greatest savings.

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