The more broad high-strength magnetic compared with ndfeb magnet

Compared with the high magnetic NdFeB magnets, magnetic better suited to work in high temperature environments. With the development of society, more and more high- magnetic applications range from high-tech products to the most simple packaging magnetic , currently the most widely used is NdFeB magnets and ferrite magnets . From the perspective of the history of magnets , turn of the century , people mainly use carbon steel, tungsten steel, chrome steel and cobalt steel for permanent magnet materials . The late 1930s , the successful development of Alnico magnet , it makes possible large-scale application of the magnet . Fifties, appeared barium ferrite magnet , not only reduces the cost of permanent magnets , permanent magnet materials in turn broaden the range of applications to high frequency fields. The sixties, samarium cobalt permanent emergence application of the magnet was opened up a new era.

Depression glass repair could be a large force of suction , or vacuum or magnet. In fact, not like that. At least by now , it was just a fantasy, because the vacuum chuck or high-strength magnet sucker is impossible to sag adsorption flat . This is not absolute . For example, special parts can be gently introduced to using suction cups can be sucked out . But this depression 1000 which may not have one.

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