The LED industry to a standard Consumers are suffering

At present, the LED lighting industry is not lack of standards, but if all set the new standard, easy to cause serious waste of resources.The confusion in lighting industry standards, is our country LED to develop standard excessively anxious to formulate specific product standards, and ignore the study of basic standard system.If the industry can come as soon as possible to the parties in accordance with the unified standard, it must be a happy thing.LED is not synonymous with "tall", where the light around us, it involve: indoor lighting, TV, car lights, even a small flashlight, LED a member of the family.Relevant market prospect is not limited: at present, the global LED capacity in transferring to China, around 50% of the world's more than 60% of the country's LED encapsulation and LED application are carried out in China.
In the belief in the "standard" of the LED industry, the above data fully reflect the size of the voice.So, in some places, quickly establish some association LED technical quality standards, seizes the market.The moment many parts of the LED industry standards are formulated by the enterprises organize, such enterprises can industry standards enacted by convincing?If you don't believe, so narcissistic local standards and what's the point?
There is no denying the fact that a local standards, enterprises and local are likely to benefit, but at the same time, the formation of local technology, trade barriers, the potential harm, absolutely cannot be ignored: insufficient market competition not only unfavorable to technical progress of LED industry as a whole, more bitter consumer: if even buy a LED products to grasp the "one to one standard", consumers are not all refined hand in home?
If the manufacturer can do it from the consumer interests, unified standard actually not difficult to find: LED research and development closely around consumers most concerned about price, power consumption, life, hazardous, such as performance index, think about what the market needs what product, most that is "universal" industry standards.


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