The first OLED display specification release

Recently, "OLED new generation display technology standard" issued in Beijing for the first time, a clear definition of OLED TV product characteristics from the industry perspective, an active role on the future OLED product specification. China Electronic Chamber of Commerce Deputy Secretary General Lu Renbo pointed out, in 2014 for the first year of development of OLED TV, with more firms to launch the new OLED TV, the product technology will become the mainstream of future TV display technology.

The first OLED display specification release

Be just unfolding in the OLED market, the first Chinese Electronic Chamber of Commerce jointly sponsored jointly by the Tsinghua University color research and many enterprises "OLED a new generation of display technology specification" (hereinafter referred to as the "standard") officially announced. This is the OLED since entering the market the first industry self-discipline.

China Electronic Chamber of Commerce Deputy Secretary General Lu Renbo said in an interview that, due to the OLED market just emerging, volume is not large release, in order to avoid false 4K television and other problems have emerged, we decided before the introduction of national standards, industry alliance properties of self-discipline norms should come first, to ensure that the future OLED market order, effectively the constraints on the future market.

It is understood, "norms" from the visual angle of the display, color saturation, contrast, in response to the 6 aspects of speed, the thickness and weight, surface design, a comprehensive definition of OLED tv. These Provisions, color gamut coverage rate can reach 115% or more; in contrast to the infinite contrast; response time less than 1 microseconds; thickness up to 5 mm below the best surface design.

Lu Renbo said, at present on the market already LG, Changhong, SKYWORTH, Konka and other enterprises of various OLED TV sales, the mainstream size from 55 inches, the future will have more dimensions listed for sale.

Whether the surface design become the focus of controversy

From the "standard" can be seen in the present surface design, best, is listed as one of six big norms, however the member units in the "norms" of the launch, has introduced the use of non surface design products, whether the focus OLED TV should be designed into curved become the industry disputes.

Shenzhen SKYWORTH -RGB electronic limited company president Liu Tangzhi once said in an interview, SKYWORTH's 55 inch OLED TV will not use surface design, and said the "55 inch surface OLED market." He stressed: "55 inch TV is made into a curved surface is not conducive to family members to watch, there will be blind angle. But the larger size of the surface of the OLED will be more visual impact, the surface design more effective."

And one of the two OLED panel provider LG Display also in their LG electronic OLED TV products launched by different design products, is also a 55 inch OLED TV LG using planar and curved surface of two kinds of design.

The explanation says: "actually made of OLED curved surface and the plane, is does not increase any cost, because the OLED property is thin, the current can be controlled below 5 mm, so that the large scale plate will naturally bend characteristics, so OLED decided it can be designed into curved TV, but the end products in the market and how to design this depends on the enterprise, how to choose the."

"Specification" drafting the relevant personnel said in an interview that, in the process of standards, is mainly to tell companies within the industry and consumer OLED should be what appearance, so the surface design of writing "specification" does not mean that must be surface is OLED, because the liquid crystal TV also can be made into surface but the cost will be greatly improved, so OLED is the most suitable for curved surface. "Specification" specified in the content is "showing the best surface design", mean, OLED can show surface design and is the best solution, not specified as OLED TV must make surface design.

The display effect is better than that of liquid crystal TV Comprehensive

As a new generation of display technology, OLED on the quality performance and LCD TV at present on the market compared with many advantages. The Ministry of industry and information technology of digital TV standard conformance testing center Sun Qifeng think, compared to LCD TV compared with traditional passive light source, OLED has the self luminous unique technical characteristics, so it has the characteristics of traditional LCD TV that cannot be achieved in the quality, appearance design.

It is understood, OLED self luminous technology structure of TV special, can realize the infinite contrast, far beyond the limited contrast LCD TV 5000:1; OLED TV LCD TV, the viewing angle of the broad, viewed from any angle, the screen is always clear and without distortion, no picture twist phenomenon. The response time of OLED TV is only 0.001ms, 5000 times faster than the response time of LCD TV 5ms, its response speed has been beyond the scope of the human eye can identify, display dynamic picture not "tail", images without overlap; OLED TV can display up to 115% of the wide color gamut, colour more rich and colorful display. Sun Qifeng said, because it is a new generation of display technology, so the market is still in the market cultivation period, some actual conditions need to be further improved and comprehensive investigation, so the national standard is not soon.

But Lu Renbo said, because the market is just at the starting stage, and the national standards also need to go by, project, submit draft, complex process, therefore, the national standard is difficult to advance in market introduction. It depends on the characteristics of the product in the real market, and consumers demand comprehensively determined, then the enterprise jointly sponsored, discussion and so on, which requires a considerable period of time.

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