Swallowed magnets on children with fatal risk

"Daily" May 18th health news, a new study shows, the need for operation and other traumatic operation are powerful magnets children swallowing, in order to remove the magnet object.

Swallowing events need operation

Researchers from the Louisiana State University in New Orleans found American, more than 79% children swallowing a neodymium magnet events require operation or endoscopic operation (a camera tube with inserted into the human digestive tract operation). Only 21% can by observation or pumping out the magnetic object.

These magnets seem harmless, but compared to the typical refrigerator magnet, the magnetic up to 20 times as much. Therefore, neodymium magnets are sufficient to cause the human digestive tract damage, even threatening the lives of children.

Fears were confirmed

Although many swallowed objects are able to pass through the digestive system in children, and will not cause serious problems. The researchers said, problem is that children are often disposable swallow more than one piece of neodymium magnets, magnets will be piled together, finally through the wall of the intestine.

"It seems we are more and more often see this case, some of which are very serious, even life-threatening." Dr. Robert Adam Noel from Louisiana State University assistant professor of pediatrics at children's medical school, said in a news conference.

Dr. Noel pointed out at the digestive disease annual meeting, "our study not only confirmed after our fears, but also shows, early intervention is particularly important for swallowing event handle these magnets."

Risk groups for young children

In this study, the researchers consulted the pediatric gastroenterology specialist, and track the medical treatment and operation procedures to swallow a strong magnet in children.

The study found, 31% cases requiring surgical operation alone, 43% cases of the two invasion examination.

"This discovery to clinical experts and parents sent a strong magnets signal." Dr. Noel said, "although they show that sound in X - rays, however they may cause fatal damage to the human digestive system in a short period of time."

Although 13 months -6 years old children in the age group of swallowed magnets, however, a large number of children, the risk is also increasing. Because the magnets are widely used in jewelry and jewelry today in.

This study is expected to be presented in this Saturday in USA Orlando at the Digestive Disease Week conference. All data and conclusions presented at the meeting should be considered preliminary, a detailed report will be published in the peer review.

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