Seoul Semiconductor's 2013 sales to reach $ 1 billion

Seoul Semiconductor Since its establishment in 1987 , with the continuous development of innovative technologies , IT and related LED lighting fast sales growth , which is the biggest driving force to reach $ 1 billion in sales .

The world's leading LED manufacturers - Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd., announced on March 3 , 2013 with annual sales of 10 billion U.S. dollars , marking the largest revenue since its establishment, its operating profit more than 9 million dollars. And 2012 compared to the company's sales increased by 20% , operating profit increased by 190 %.

Seoul Semiconductor growth in the field of IT and lighting , so the success of 2013 's sales reached $ 1 billion . Company immediately LED lighting market boom, by Acrich2 LED module ( the world's first AC-driven LED) in the power and stable performance , high power packages to improve sales performance. In the United States , Europe, China , Japan and many other countries, sales were tested growth trend.

IT used in the field of television direct type LED black hole has successfully patented lens technology , making Seoul Semiconductor sales in the IT field has also been growing. In addition, the Tablet PC -related products in the market have made ​​some achievements .

Seoul Semiconductor is another important factor in South Korea in 2002 , sales reached $ 1 billion 12 years after its strong patent strength - has more than 11,000 patents portfolio . Seoul Semiconductor annual sales revenue into R & D 10% of LED products , submission and registered more than 600 patents each year , these patents are world class , and have a considerable competitive edge . Seoul Semiconductor is the only two consecutive years in 2012 and 2013 , access to the LED manufacturing company in the ranking of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) selected the patent strength ranking.

Seoul Semiconductor manufacturing is an industry-leading LED products , in order to ensure the leading position in the LED industry , in January 2002 established a subsidiary in Seoul Viosys ( formerly known as Seoul Optodevice), realized from the chip to the package then the module vertical integration. With the global incandescent disabled baked policies and energy conservation policies , in order to better adapt to the fast-growing LED lighting market , Seoul Semiconductor production applicable to all types of LED lighting products , and these products are supplied to the global competitive lighting company.

Seoul Semiconductor proposed 2014 first quarter sales of 2.3-2.5 billion, operating profit guidance of 6-8 % target . Company said first-quarter guidance target is a conservative estimate because the IT industry, taking into account the situation at this time of the season every year .

Yung-wook Shin Seoul Semiconductor vice president of global marketing , said Seoul Semiconductor plans to operate the world's top commercial systems ( including CRM systems ) to ensure its global advanced enterprise management processes . He also said that while reaching this goal , hopes to strengthen sales capabilities , increased global marketing activities to achieve sustainable sales growth and profitability and to maintain product advantages to meet the market demand.

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