Permanent process of development problems faced and suggestions for development

Permanent magnets is that we are more familiar with a product , the application of the product is extremely broad , and it is used for the production of cars and equipment which it throughout all areas of people's lives, acts as an important role. Although the development of the permanent magnet is easy, but its development is also facing some problems , then we take a look .
Permanent magnets are welcomed by domestic and foreign , and domestic production can be described as one of the magnet power. Currently, the number of companies producing such magnets are many, many of whom are hundred companies , and even Sino-US joint venture , which has a broad market prospect. But this product in the production process , and performance is not so good as people think . Permanent magnets and foreign products have performance differences , reach foreign domestic product requirements in the choice of materials , degree of oxidation stability and resistance to general material is not very high , so the instability produced by the magnet performance . In addition, these magnets in the process is also facing a lot of problems.
Permanent magnets develop without the efforts of enterprises , companies find problems in the future , should prompt the question facing continuous investment mind, until you resolve the problem. Companies can introduce excellent production materials, and continuously improve the process , so as to effectively promote the development of the permanent magnet manufacturers in the market .

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