Outdoor Lighting Trends: emphasis on light efficiency and light design

With LED technology and efficiency rising, compared to the conventional LED lamp manufacturers with most emphasis on heat dissipation reliability . In this exhibition , LED lamp manufacturers more focused on the concept of sustainable development , and therefore benefit from the replacement of the LED lights through the modules can reduce maintenance costs and extend the life of LED lamps .

In addition , in the past most manufacturers using LED lights will light reflector plate to concentrate on the road , avoiding the light affects the home or crops. But the exhibition also see more and more LED optical lens design manufacturers use special shapes to solve this problem.

Lighting design trends from several manufacturers to observe , to automotive lighting world-famous HELLA, with particular emphasis on the concept of long-term operations. In the automobile industry , for example, automotive lighting manufacturers need to ensure that you can still have enough to buy the original depot the same components in the years after . In this exhibition HELLA lights product also emphasizes the same concept , through standardized light source module design, when the street lights over a five-year warranty period, customers can still be found for the same luminous flux and color temperature of the LED lighting module , the only difference that luminous efficiency brought about lower energy products .

The cree also declared this exhibition technical force their products, stressed that the current laboratory stage already reached 303lm / W. In addition , the Edge series of outdoor LED lighting products can achieve high luminous flux and 831W lights products.

In general , more emphasis on traditional street vendors or in the exterior design , how to look through the lamps do combine with the surrounding environment is a core value of these traditional street vendors. But with the advancement of technology, intelligent control concept can not be less , or even a combination of road monitoring multifunctional purposes. So how to combine technology and tradition will be an important issue for the future of these lamp manufacturers .

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