NdFeB rare earth industry continued weakness in the markets affected

China 's rare earth products are mainly used in the traditional areas of rare earth permanent magnet materials, luminescent materials , catalytic materials, hydrogen storage alloys and rare earth polishing powder field of new materials and metallurgical machinery , petrochemical , glass, ceramics , textile and other farmers . In 2011, China rare earth permanent magnet production was 88,500 tons , including 83,000 tons of sintered NdFeB , Bonded NdFeB 4400 tons, accounting for five areas of new materials 154,560 tons accounted for 57.26% .

Since last year's roller coaster of rare earth prices has greatly impacted the Chinese NdFeB market . Surplus of low-end products , high-end product scarcity is the status of Chinese NdFeB market. 2011 China's consumption of rare earth 83,110 tons , accounting for 85.8% of total production , compared to 87,025 tons in 2010 decreased by 3,915 tons . Among them, the rare earth permanent magnets is the largest consumer of rare earths , consumption quantity of 36,600 tons , 44.04% of the total consumption. Total consumption of new materials 55,010 tons , 66.2% of the total consumption. However , affected by price volatility of rare earths last year , China NdFeB market unprecedented difficulties .

Neodymium iron boron (NdFeB) is a third -generation rare earth permanent magnet materials, a small size, light weight and strong magnetic characteristics of its product quality and high added value , the use of cutting-edge field . The advantages of high energy density make NdFeB permanent magnet materials has been widely used in modern industrial and electronic technology . NdFeB material has become one of the important support of modern electronic information industry. Experts predict that in the next 20 to 30 years, difficult to replace NdFeB magnetic material appears.

With the advent of the era of high oil prices effect the "Kyoto Protocol " , countries of "environmental protection, energy saving" more emphasis on the development of ideas , and energy-saving environmental protection industry needs to make NdFeB magnets future to maintain high growth. NdFeB rare earth permanent magnet material with excellent mechanical properties , electrical efficiency by 8-50 % higher manufacturing NdFeB than ordinary motors, power consumption reduced by more than 10% weight reduction of more than 50 %. NdFeB in automotive applications , compressors , wind turbines and other areas received a development application volume increased significantly , especially in the automotive industry . This substantial increase is mainly the rise and the amount of automotive hybrid system applications .

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