LED Plant: Optical unstoppable combination of agriculture

Combining agriculture and photovoltaic technology, able to create infinite possibilities interdisciplinary cooperation. For example, he said, reflects the development of agricultural plant factory on cultivation techniques and plant-like state, the ornamental fish industry has potential as rosy as the orchid export industry. Plant a variety of plants on display devices. Industry explained shelves have built a large plant factory plant dedicated LED lights, led strip general spectrum of different, in line with photosynthesis, plants blue and red light spectrum bias, and depending on individual needs, but also adjustable as cold, warm white, with phone APP remote control, easy to operate. Industry, said the factory is equipped with multi-frame-type plant water circulation circulation system has been tested and planting hundreds of species of plants, suitable for mass production needs to use.

Another industry exhibited only aquarium-sized home cultivation, a stack of up to four layers, without first Goumiao users can cultivate directly from seed to adult, and the other is equipped with filters and ventilation fan, as long as the home well-ventilated place plug-in can be used. Do not change the water do not fertilize the plant, you can use the nutrient solution.

Industry explained, in addition to the home, but in general there are two kinds of plant factory profitable ways, one is a large amount of leafy production, such as cabbage, bok choy, lettuce and other cruciferous plants; Second, the high degree of difficulty of planting ginseng, Antrodia high economic value crops, as long as the use of specific flexible led strips pectrum and control systems, will be able to foster growth over the harsh conditions of seasonal crops. Council of Agriculture Agricultural Experimental Farm also introduced seed plants, the size of the maximum size of the expansion and general greenhouse, using sunlight and artificial light and with the concept, the installation of fans, blinds and other devices can be installed together with temperature sensors to detect, humidity, wind speed and other environmental conditions, the parameters can be set to create a semi-automatic control system, is expected to be extended to the national hatchery use.

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