Jing Pei slip ring service life of up to international standards

Today, the domestic industry, the slip ring field , grain production slip ring Pei quality and life are in the leading position, but Division I is an extremely innovative and pioneering spirit of the High-Tech Enterprise , never satisfied with the existing state and stop forward . Here, in order to further improve and enhance the life of the slip ring and use its best efforts to reach the world level, our R & D center has experienced continuous exploration and specializes in up to a year , and finally the successful completion of a comprehensive in March 25, 2012 the slip ring major process improvement projects, namely the core critical Tonghuan finish processing and control of new technology . Our quality department through repeated testing and validation , use and improve the life of the brass ring slip ring reached a higher level, almost 2-3 times more than the same product in the same industry life ( Figure ) . This significant improvement not only further consolidate the strong position of China as a crystal Pei industrial slip rings leader , it is marked Pei Jing slip ring towards the ranks of the world level .

Industry Tonghuan finish

Jing Pei Tonghuan finish

" Excellence, innovation ; full participation, customer satisfaction" is crystal Pei has been struggling with the forward momentum . The brass ring finish to further improve our commitment to provide customers with one of the most powerful witness quality slip rings . We are constantly improving the production process and management model , to become the most trusted and most reliable slip ring supplier. Pei Jing customers choose , they choose a high -quality conductive slip ring , choose a cost-effective service , while also choose the most effective quality assurance.

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