IWatch pass will use low-power LED screen

Smart Watch is an extension of smartphone features, for use on the watch for frequent charging will cause considerable inconvenience, so how to make smart watch has a strong battery life is thorny issues faced by various manufacturers. Samsung and Sony are currently racking their brains, and the upcoming launch of Apple iWatch is also actively looking for solutions.

Recently, according to foreign news sources, Apple has acquired principally engaged in the micro-LED technology development company LuxVue, there are a lot of people think, Apple iWatch acquisition primarily to give provide a strong technical support.
Display technology is generally placed at each pixel of a white light to the color filters do not, and LuxVue different techniques, it is placed at each point of the two red, green, and blue LED light this not only greatly enhance the brightness (about 9 times normal), but also can effectively reduce energy consumption and increase battery life.
This LuxVue technology to solve problems in addition to smart watches endurance, but also suitable for curved screen.


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