How to choose the right LED Lighting Supplier

Before the era of the rise of the lighting industry , domestic demand continues to adjust the structure of the economy and living standards , the rapid growth of the national and cultural qualities , combined with the real estate driven by market demand continues to rise , which means lighting industry has a large market space for development and investment opportunities.

LED rapid penetration , the pattern of lighting industry has undergone a major historic turning point - LED will replace traditional lighting is not the legends . Changes in industry structure , and also accompanied by changes in consumer shopping habits .

Engaged in the operation , distribution of intermediate marketing agency , upgrading many problems facing increasingly being put on the agenda . Sales started slowly from the traditional model of market facing product upgrades. Market business model upgrades and other issues tangled obscure , for most marketing agencies consensus.

Personally believe that we should take now specialized, short- channel flow model. Now the LED industry , the abundance of enterprises to enter the field , the formation of the current LED industry bubble, the tech bubble , shrouded in the LED lighting industry , resulting in a lot of marketing agencies choose to operate I do not know what brand. And the choice of cool to watch, do not want to become foam enterprises assault chess, the distribution of choice for most , they believe there are many star brand was born in the round of reshuffle , when there are a lot of companies will back line .

Choose LED lighting brand , personally think that should be the main consideration , investigation following aspects in order to reduce the risk of marketing agencies or brokers , guaranteed benefits .

First, plant size , entity , qualifications, and feel the point of view of the scale of production enterprises , independent research and development ability , the real economy there is no bubble .

Second, the product structure. Observed enterprise product portfolio , product lines and their needs are , where the market match.

Third, product positioning, refer to the selected business units crowd market positioning . Assuming modern style modern lamp, to examine the trading price of the municipal general operating units in cities where the average each lamp , and then select the equal positioning products to meet market needs.

Fourth, the product style , refers to the range of products to select a professional management style . First decade hodgepodge is most advantageous to do , and now is not clear if there is a great risk positioning style . For large operators , it can be partitioned display different styles of products, such cases often only a certain style of best-selling products , other styles are affected.

Fifth, the business management of the channel , tone scale, the most important in this regard . Business channel positioning, late interest can be protected, companies do not have a clear channel development restrictions , while damage to the interests of dealers , how to protect the complainant , can not go into detail here . Have a common goal of the benefits of cooperation as the driving force . Enterprises and operators need to understand is that in order to ensure long-term interests of both sides .

Sixth, the enterprise's internal environment , an enterprise management process , including production management, quality management, personnel management.

1 . Production management, refers to the production management system, excellent production process , to protect shipping date , the successful completion of the transaction orders , will not break faith with the people .

2 quality management, quality management system to understand the business , from raw materials, processing, molding to packaging , every procedure and inspection , verification efforts, treatment efforts. Some companies do not even quality management , quality management and some companies do not have real power , can not play effect, useless. Want to do is the essence of the product from the beginning of the product , rather than sell.

3 Personnel Management , which is also very important thing , all of the products from the people, the general culture of employees to see the level of quality , I believe that first-class products are made ​​out of a first-class workers . Furthermore is the mobility of employees , some highly mobile employees , basically no older employees . Frequent job mobility , new products quality can be guaranteed? Flow of senior management is fatal, hope you pay attention when choosing brands view .

Personal experience to say the things I was working one day , came an industry source , showed me a business card, is director of marketing a brand , do the investment work.

What channel is that if you want to open stores , give you a sample should be charged. The market share of an area for you to do , if not to engage in the store , you can enter some of the goods, there are projects can be sold retail , large price can be discussed .

Reflects the company's employment threshold, do not know what channels people to develop the market , we can imagine what his company . His products will protect you, benefits guaranteed? He came out to his business that affect how much , I believe no one will invest in his product .

These are my personal views , and now many companies over- promise , to many dealers losses. Corporate investment will usually see the real data , hoping the dealer when selecting suppliers to the corporate site visits , to get accurate data can only start in order to avoid losses.


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