Future industry trends: No LED, no lighting

 LED is undoubtedly the world's most mainstream lighting. As the saying goes, to borrow a slogan Adidas (no brothers, no basketball) shouted: No LED, no lighting. Whether it is international lighting brands such as Osram, Philips, Panasonic, or domestic leader such as NVC, three male Aurora, BDO Runda, three optical, etc., are in full layout LED on the downstream industry chain. Relevant statistics, in 2013 China LED industry output value reached 263.8 billion yuan, an increase of 28%. Which, LED epitaxial silicon upstream, midstream package, downstream applications output of 84 billion yuan, 47.3 billion yuan, 208.1 billion yuan, an increase of 17%, 19%, 31%.
And 2014 will usher in rapid penetration of LED lighting industry output value is expected to scale to more than 320 billion yuan, an increase of over 20%. Especially in the field of commercial and residential lighting market penetration will reach 20% -30%.
Market capacity is so large, so that all companies outside the industry for LED droves. However, compared to traditional lighting, Chinese LED industries and enterprises are currently several major deficiencies still exist in common: an overall lack of LED core technology, especially the LED chip technology; Second, product development and innovation ability is generally weak, but still on Replaceable application of traditional light sources, did not play the advantages of LED lighting personalization; Third, LED lighting technology's ability to adapt continuously updated weak, not strong-looking. Changing and upgrading speed LED lighting technology-and capital belonging to industries, technology is much higher than traditional light sources, some experts even expect that in 3-5 years after the blowout, LED market will be a significant pattern of survival of the fittest , industry concentration will quickly form. Therefore, the Chinese LED lighting companies based on how hot the status quo and pay more attention to longer-term future, focus on more advanced lighting technology?

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