Discussion : Disc slip ring structure and characteristics

Disc slip ring is an acceptable combined loads , especially large and extra large tectonic slip ring , the request has a compact structure , rotary sensitive devices and easy maintenance .
Compared with the ordinary slip ring , slip ring disc important way to identify a structure : Four- point contact ball disc slip rings, double row angular contact thrust ball disc slip rings, interspersed with cylindrical roller disc slip rings, interspersed with tapered roller sub- disc slip ring , three-row cylindrical roller disc with slip rings . Can toothed gear at the distribution site and is divided into: no gear, external or internal gear tooth structure , such as different . Of these, four point contact ball disc slip ring with high static load order , interspersed with cylindrical roller Pan Cake Slip Rings has a high dynamic load order , disc slip ring can progress through the preloaded bearing stiffness and rotational accuracy , while with three-row cylindrical roller put the slip ring slip ring disc height increased in order to improve carrying capacity , load distinguish different raceways accepted , so the same force status , its slip ring diameter can be greatly reduced. Slip ring is a way to withstand the large axial load , radial load and overturning moment , comprehensive load, set support , rotation , transmission, fixed and other functions in one of the special structure of the large slip ring . Under normal circumstances, all with their own disc slip ring mounting holes , lubricants and seals, to meet a variety of different conditions to work under the different needs of various types of hosts ; other hand, the disc itself has a slip ring structure compact , easy to guide rotation , easy installation and easy maintenance , etc., are widely used in material handling equipment , mining machines, construction machinery , port machinery , wind power generation , medical equipment, radar and missile launchers and other large rotating device. Therefore, the host is more compact , is a highly talented disc slip ring bearer .
Slip ring disc commonly used material handling equipment , mining machinery , construction machinery, port machinery , ship equipment and high-precision radar installation on a large swing . Pan Cake Slip Rings has the following distinct characteristics : 1. Dimensions diameter is usually 0.4m ~ 10m, up to 40m. (2) ordinary bearer to be together to accept high axial load, radial load and overturning moment loads. 3 mission speed less than the low speed 10r/min, and not a few cases another rotation, rotation only within a certain angle , making the swing movement. 4 slip ring device with the screw holes can be fastened to the upper and lower stand.
5 no inner or outer ring on the pivot with rotary drive gear . 6 hole and seal with a smooth installation . electrical slip ring manufacturers mostly in the low-speed heavy working conditions to work under normal circumstances using lubricating grease filling pattern imposed on the slip ring lubrication extremely satisfactory results can be achieved , commonly used calcium-based grease with grease , lithium grease , aluminum grease and high temperature grease , etc., depending on the circumstances the user can choose the most suitable grease.

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