Construction Machinery pick up significantly next year or until the outbreak of the signal

Between winter months , gradually cold weather covering everything works continue possibilities. Most projects have been suspended, until the next spring when the outbreak . But eighteen convening of the Third Plenary Session , as well as downstream investment growth again raised the industry's confidence. In fact, all the recent dynamic show that the construction machinery industry is moving toward warmer on the road, coming into the warm breezes , is when the period of construction machinery resurgence .

October excavator industry marketing chain pairs up with

Industry data show that in October 2013 excavator industry sales 7537 units, up 23.7% , growth of 8.9%. 1-10 month cumulative sales of 97,935 units excavators , down 6.6% , compared with a decline of 8.4% 1-9 months narrowed 1.8 percentage points. From the product structure , Oct. big dig , digging , digging a small rose 57 percent , respectively , 15.6%, 30.2%. January to October , an increase of 3.1% in small dug , dug , dug a large drop of 4.0% year on year and 36.8% . Geographically, October excavator exports grew by 17.2% , domestic sales grew by 26.5% . Eastern and western regions , respectively, which achieved 40.9% and 29.1% growth , the central region rose 9.6%. January-October exports fell 0.3 percent excavators , domestic sales fell 6.3%. Flat year on year in the eastern , central, western , respectively, year on year decline of 12.6% and 6.5% respectively . Industry experts expect the excavator industry is expected to achieve annual sales of 115,000 units. It is reported that in September , the main products of construction machinery industry grew 11.16 percent of total sales , sales of construction machinery products has shown a steady upward trend.

October manufacturing PMI rose to 51.4% in 18 -month high

Reporters recently learned from the National Statistics website , in October 2013 , China 's manufacturing purchasing managers index (PMI) was 51.4 percent, up 0.3 percentage point rise for four consecutive months , for the 18 months since a new high . National Bureau of Investigation Services , Senior Statistician Zhao Qing River, said that China's manufacturing economy continued steady for the better , but the production and operation of small and micro enterprises still faced with many difficulties , to effectively implement the State Council to promote small and micro enterprise development measures further reinforce the stability of the economy to the good foundation.

Three quarters of macroeconomic market recovery

Recently, the Bureau of Statistics released data show that three quarters of China's GDP grew by 7.8% , growth of 2.2% ; September above-scale industrial added value increased 10.2% from January to September the national scale industrial added value increased by 9.6% the growth rate accelerated 0.3 percentage points over the first half . Three quarters of macroeconomic rebound quickly , to achieve annual economic growth target laid a good foundation.

Construction machinery industry fundamentals have not improved annual results sharply probability. However, the steady growth of national policy on the development impact of the construction machinery industry is gradually emerging , long-term stable macroeconomic environment is to be expected , the construction machinery industry will gradually become stable development. In fact, our recent high-speed rail , highways, railways, urban rail transit and municipal construction and other fields positive constant , demand for construction machinery provided some support. Expected future construction machinery market not continue to fall gradually modest recovery will be the development trend .

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