Cavotec slip ring for ABB orders

Cavotec Group has received for the ABB advanced podded ship propulsion system offers 20 compact ship propulsion slip rings (MPS) device orders.

According to the order requirements, Cavotec will provide ship propulsion to ABB in 2013 at the start of the second quarter of slip ring device. And azimuth propulsion system supporting Cavotec ship propulsion slip ring device will help build more ship propeller in its 360-degree rotation on the vertical axis, thus providing manipulation. Ship propulsion slip ring device will ensure that the main motor power and ancillary equipment, such as power, control and data signals, and secure transmission of hydraulic oil, water and compressed air.

CavotecMPS device for supporting a large number of cruise ships, container ships and specialized vessels such as icebreakers and Coast Guard ships and offshore platforms.
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