Britain to build the world 's largest indoor LED Lantern

The total cost of three million pounds ( about 30.63 million yuan ) indoor lantern (Illuminasia) in April this year, the arena ( an area of about 4180 square meters ) in the United Kingdom Blackpool's Winter Gardens Olympia show for the world , but also the scenic New a major feature of interest , it is learned that the integration of the Chinese lantern shape lamps and LED technology , used a total of more than 35,000 LED, contains six regions ( such as the giant area, there are giant insects ) , all steel and angle iron framework is established, then shop fabrics , including silk, satin and vinyl lanterns. All handmade by craftsmen on site installation from China Zigong , show the culmination of China 's long history and craftsmanship .

Britain to build the world 's largest indoor LED lantern amount over 35,000

From Arcitectus architect Max Painter served as a design and art direction for the project , the British sculptor Reid Will participate in the concept design . Painter said: "The winter garden is an incredible Victorian architecture , technology and Chinese lanterns can be traced back thousands of years , and this is a way to introduce British Chinese culture ." Lantern all use LED, with cool white throughout. Blackpool England city of carnivals held customs, the introduction of large-scale lantern also to attract more tourists to visit the carnivals and winter garden, an area with a lantern to convert this into a sparkling wonderland , which is never seen in the UK before. The lantern is expected on April 18 of this year 's opening and welcoming after 11:00 each day in the coming year .

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