Better to sell the brand to sell LED products

 Town, as the Chinese lighting industry 's core cities, according to incomplete statistics , now has tens of thousands of lighting companies , with annual sales of billions of dollars , more than ten million practitioners, professional lighting markets everywhere, the radiation, the total sales accounting for over 60 % of the national civil lamps , formed on the middle and lower reaches of supporting industries , with a relatively complete industrial chain and value chain , reflecting the relatively complete industrial cluster feature , already is China 's largest lighting wholesale market and production base.

After these data , however bright , but has such an indisputable fact: the ancient town lacks sufficient lighting brands.

Today, we are living in an era in the brand's help and guidance , if a product does not mark and a trademark products together, which would you choose ? I believe we will certainly choose a brand that marked so that " selling products than to sell the brand ." Although the brand value of the products , but they are reflecting the significance is far greater than the product itself. Because of this , many companies began to turn around brand marketing , Chinese lighting industry is all about.

Trace the origin , the real insiders saw the advent of strategic importance to the number of brands in 2008 the global financial crisis. Originally economic downturn has prompted some companies do not focus on brand building , only surprise in the face of the crisis , and those who focus on brand building and brand awareness of certain enterprises in the face of the crisis is still calm. Since then , they realized that to enhance the anti- risk ability of enterprises in the face of crisis , we must work hard in brand building. Until 2010, the Chinese lighting industry development situation further improved, but also means that the lighting industry competition intensified, the major manufacturers pull out all the stops to compete for more market share , corporate brand strategy has become popular , swept , a business or even several brands , marketing and sales everywhere.

Brand building seems to be a fashion trend. But the status quo Guzhen Lighting brand development today , in fact, very few consumers are well-known lighting brands , visible , brand building lighting industry is still in a lagging state simply can not fill the appliance industry "brand the world " in the same breath .

How will we "big but not strong brand" developed into " lamps famous brand", how " well-known brands in the industry ," developed into a "public well-known brand" , how " multi-brand " to " brand essence ," which are is naked in front of the town lighting business issues , but also the urgent need to solve their problems , thought-provoking.

In fact, the ability to build a successful brand , depending on the brand in the public mind whether to establish effective value perception , and brand value depends on whether there is sufficient height and breathtaking light. This is the revelation of brand building has brought us : the fight for the height , build angle. The height position of the brand is the brand which in the minds of consumers , the brand brings the power of the height of the power can go beyond the product itself , enough to make consumers chase. Relative to the brand , the higher the position of the lower position of the brand gained a huge competitive advantage , but also in the minds of consumers can not be replaced , and this type of brand can even put their height becomes the industry standard .

But because there is no real brand , a large number of Chinese enterprises in the supply of lighting competition can only get a modest profit , can only be regarded grass economy. There is not enough funding for product development , technological improvements , marketing upgrades, which in turn forced the lighting business can only continue to stay in the lowest end of the value chain and processing sectors , it is difficult to establish the value of a strong competitive edge.

There is a brand of economic trees economy , there is a high degree of economy. Only highly established brands , companies can really get consumer recognition , and enjoys the initiative in the market , which can control the market rather than being to control the market .

Brand as a new round of competition , to bring industry is a blessing or a curse ? We still have to be studied. But there can be based on the brand , the brand has a high position in order to control the market is an established fact that nobody can deny , but no one can subvert .

Moreover , with the further expansion of market awareness and operational level rising, the current lighting enterprise management and product structures have undergone profound changes, 30% of the previous decade to maintain high growth era is over , the major lighting enterprise ushered from the longest growth process "labor pains ." Some experts expect that in the next few years , prices for better quality lighting , survival of the fittest will accelerate the industry reshuffle , the number of surviving on the market lighting companies will decrease.

The brand building as today's fierce competition in the market one of the effective measures to enhance the core competitiveness of the lighting business development is of great significance for the lighting business to embark on the road of the brand , and is committed to high-order bits played a great brand building impetus , is the town lighting enterprises to upgrade and power to seize market opportunities , " engine" , but swim drowned in a reshuffle last edge lighting business "last straw ."


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