2014 machinery industry is expected to continue steady growth

January of this year to 11 months, the machinery industry to achieve a slow recovery , moderate growth and steady development . According to the China Machinery Industry Federation expects 2013 operating speed mechanical industrial economy will be higher than in 2012 . Among them, 12% higher than expected sales growth , profit growth is expected to be greater than sales growth , export growth is expected in the amount of about 5 %. 2014 , the machinery industry is expected to maintain steady growth trend.

11 months before the steady growth of the machinery industry

Into the fourth quarter, the mechanical industrial added value growth for three consecutive months already higher than the national industrial growth . January - November , machinery industrial added value growth of 10.7 %, higher than the national industry a hundred points , which in November was 13.9 percent , 3.9 percentage points higher than the national industry .

January to 11 March, the National Bureau of Statistics released 64 kinds of major industrial products, machinery production to achieve an increase of 40 kinds of products , accounting for 52.5% ; production fell 24 kinds of products , accounting for 37.5% .

Mechanical products price index is still low levels. Since the beginning of this year , the price index of industrial machinery continue to follow the trend of last year's downturn . From January 2012 to November of this year , industrial machinery month price index and the price index has accumulated 22 consecutive months below 100 %. Machinery Industrial price index in November was 98.8 percent, up 0.2 percentage points higher than in October ; January - November cumulative 98.6% , and unchanged from January to October .

Accumulated investment growth stabilized, November fluctuations . January - November , the machinery industry investment in fixed assets totaled 3.65 trillion yuan , an increase of 17.45% , a slight decrease of 0.29 percentage points higher than in January - October ( 17.74% ) , the situation was stabilized . November machinery industry investment grew 15.85 percent , down 10.47 percentage points from the October increase ( 26.32% ) , volatile.

Still lower than the country's foreign trade import and export growth . January to October , total imports and exports machinery industry $ 550 billion , an increase of 1.88% , an increase of 0.9 percentage points from January to September . Compared with the country's foreign trade in January - October import and export of machinery industry growth rate of 1.88% , 5.72 percentage points lower than the national foreign trade . Among them, the export growth rate of 4.62 percent , 3.18 percent lower than the national foreign trade ; import growth fell 1.34 percent , 8.64 percentage points lower than the national foreign trade .

Affected by the decline in imports , the trade surplus continued to widen. January - October , machinery industry total $ 59.36 billion trade surplus ( last year was $ 53.99 billion ) , the surplus is growing rapidly. Among them, agricultural machinery , engineering, office paper , petrochemical , heavy , electrical , machine parts and other seven industries total $ 97.821 billion surplus , internal combustion engines , instrumentation , heavy , food packaging machinery , automobiles, other six industries total $ 38.463 billion deficit .

Machinery industry will remain stable next year the main tone

China Machinery Industry Federation expects overall demand in 2014 will remain tight in the machinery industry , the development of the industry will remain " stable ," the main tone .

From the economic environment, in 2014 , China will continue to implement the proactive fiscal policy and prudent monetary policy , the use of Forced mechanism continue to adjust the industrial structure. Machinery industry will continue to face domestic run , the situation of weak foreign demand , the growth pressures facing the industry is still large . But from a policy of continuity and stability perspective, mechanical industrial economic operation in 2014 still have the basic conditions remain generally stable , the overall trend in 2013 will continue running smoothly . Meanwhile , industrialization, information technology , urbanization, agricultural modernization to further promote the creation of new consumption and investment demand , expanding international and domestic market space.

From the mechanical industry itself , the impact of its development favorable and unfavorable factors coexist.

Favorable factors: financial costs and interest expenses which dropped significantly increase corporate macroeconomic environment has improved , which is conducive to enterprise financial cost control . Accounts receivable increase sales growth , though still more than the same period , but has ended up settling . This shows that the loan recovery , though still difficult , but the risk of excessive growth are under control. Inventory ( especially finished goods inventory ) increase of less than sales growth over the same period , has been reduced to a low level , indicating that "to stock " has achieved remarkable results . This created the conditions for future economic recovery machinery industry .

Unfavorable factors: domestic demand is still insufficient. Product price index this year has been sluggish . Key enterprises in January - October , despite the growth in cumulative orders , but the increase was only 8.58% , indicating that the weak recovery in the domestic market . Export situation is not optimistic , the overall trend is still weak , January - October total export growth of only 4.62 percent . Weakened by the impact of investment-led , heavy engineering , machine tool industry will continue to face market demand situation, the more driven by the automotive industry, the pattern has not changed.

The machine together is expected in 2014 , the machinery industry in the conventional power generation equipment, metallurgical and mining equipment, heavy machinery, general machine tools and other sub-sectors will continue to be in demand slump ; high-end machine tools, robots and automated production lines demand will rise ; construction machinery market will has warmed up, the ups and downs gradually return to normal ; automobile and farm machinery sales growth will gradually decline , but large-scale high-end market will more prosperous agricultural products .


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